Hi, I'm Ricardo Servin, President of Innovative Conveyor Systems, Inc. At ICSI, we work closely with you 
to find solutions for your needs, not what someone else would do, or what would be easiest for us. We are 
in constant contact with you in developing your conveyor project, finding ways to make our skills and components combine in the best possible way for you and your operations. Over 30 years experience with all kinds of conveyors and equipment lets us respond to just about any type of challenge.

When it comes to on-site work, we are there early, well-prepared, and dedicated to completing your project properly and on-schedule. And our obsessive attention to detail assures you of a finished project you will be proud to add to your facility.

Here is what we do:
  • We are professional problem-solvers in the light process and packaging industries. We specialize in highly creative technical services for those of you using flexible plastic chain conveyor systems in your manufacturing process and packaging operations.
  • We currently serve (but are not limited to) the following industries: pharmaceuticals, electronics, optical, cosmetics, packaging, systems integration, auto components, and solar technologies. We cannot name specific customers, since most have proprietary processes and have requested non-disclosure agreements.
  • We provide pre-installation consulting services, custom conveyor design services, and installation services for new conveyor installations.
  • We provide conveyor modification, retrofitting and re-configuration services for existing conveyor systems.
  • We provide scheduled preventative maintenance services to help keep your conveyors running smoothly, and emergency repair services if they break down.
  • We do all of this with care and efficiency unique in the industry — our current customers have all been with us for years and recommend us to others.
  • We cover the U.S., Mexico and Asia, with a focus on the western United States.
  • And since we concentrate on technical services rather than manufacturing, we can create the ideal solution for your specific needs — we have the flexibility to use whatever products and components best meet the requirements of each project.
Our mission at ICSI is to provide high-quality, creative and cost-effective services in the flexible plastic 
chain conveyor industry. We seek to be a highly valued technical resource, so we can help make your operations
run more smoothly, and we become your preferred source for conveyor design, installation, modification and maintenance services. We are committed to building long-term, positive relationships through honesty, openness and innovative thinking. And we continually strive to give you the highest quality services at the     best value.
Contact us and we'll focus on how best to work together.

Are you tired of conveyor companies trying to ram their concepts down your throat? With no consideration for what's most appropriate for your situation? And then leaving you in the lurch when it comes to customer service?

Well, you've come to the right place.

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Finally, a conveyor company that gives you what you want...

Conveyor services that work for you,
services that make your projects 
and you look great.

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